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These Biomes are under construction
Raphitas Sanctuary Biome
Raphitas Biome
Ghoul Biome
Mo Sanctuary Biome.png
Mythos Sanctuary Biome.png
Mythos Biome
Aviaren Biome Sanctuary.png
Aviaren Biome

Algadon are magical creatures, full of personality, and ways of life. Their appearance is relatively new, and so also is our study of them. Presently, we’ve been able to study them using three different, but complimentary categorical methods. These Methods are:

1. Classification (e.g. emphib, ghoul, kevel, etc.)

2. Typification (light, dark, embers, earthen, etc.)

3. Domestication (ultra-domesticatable, domesticatable, semi-domesticatable, rarely domesticatable, and undomesticatable) 

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