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The modern superhero story for dark fantasy lovers.

Imagine you find a journal. This journal promises to turn you into the superhero of a  a fantasy world, if you'll simply play it's game. Only it's not a game, and you're not a hero. The villains are real and so is the danger. Fortunately for Scott, so are Phoebe, his high school to college girlfriend, and all the ideals he fell in love with fantasy stories for. But are they enough to turn him and his love into the heroes Especial needs? Its a very dangerous game, inside a very perilous world.

What happens when the superpowers of My Hero Academia meet the high fantasy realms of the Rangers Apprentice? The villains get more ominous and powerful, while the friendships and convictions of our heroes are more heavily tested as lights in a sea of darkness.

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Adventure is brewing. We'll see you soon.

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