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A Werewolf Meets the Moon: A Tale of Transformation

The full moon glows at the earth, calling the werewolf

The Full moon took residence in my heart before I knew what it meant to have it there. So I grew up in the dark, following what I believed was the moon’s light. Whatever it glistened over, I feasted on. I was an eternal werewolf, craving flesh.

Until one day, I saw her, walking in the sheep’s field. She was pale but glowing. Her eyes were the blue of the lakes and rivers, holding even the stars in them. She was finely curved. She was the moon incarnate. So I pursued her.

For, all of the reflections of the moon, and those who had been kissed by her glow, they were a mere shadow of her. The moon itself was what I wanted. She was the wolf’s deepest desire. Only, as I got close, I felt myself begin to change. She made me weaker. She caused me pain, for she woke in me a conscience to those I’d hurt before. Somehow, this lady moon was turning me, not more and more into a wolf as the moon first had, but more and more into a man. And she could do this because-

A ray of sun had taken residence in her glow before she knew what it meant to have it there. Whatever her light glistened over, she loved. She was an eternal moon, spreading sun.

She saw me, walking in the sheep’s field. I was feasting and growling. My eyes were the green of the woods, holding even the moon in them. I was painstakingly thin. I was the wolf incarnate, so she pursued me.

A Werewolf Meets the Moon

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