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Dragon Harvest
  • Dragon Harvest


    Karakkis, the realm of Dragon Harvest, is a vast world brimming with adventure, enterprise, and mayhem. There are villages and kingdoms, bogs and dungeons. The undead chart certain lands, and wizards and ogres dwell in others. Among all creatures across the globe, threats continue to rise. You and your allies have banded together. Can you bring peace to Karakkis? Assemble a team, and become heroes in Dragon Harvest.

    Dragon Harvest is a game designed for people who love fantasy and adventure. It’s a dungeon crawler, but with some major improvements. 

    If you’ve dipped your toes into campaign style board games, you’ve probably stubbed them. Most games are expensive and hard to learn.Our game takes minutes to grasp the bones of and our Dragon Harvest Compendium is built to serve you as you play, not to keep you from playing.

    In addition to this, lots of these games require a DM. Now, that’s not a bad thing, unless everyone wants to actually play in the campaign. So, we’ve made our game in a way that no one needs to DM. But Dragon Harvest has even more.

    We started Dragon Harvest to create a game that was a reasonable price, with a campaign that allowed you to explore the world and learn about it, as you play, not before it. The game maps are set up as tiles which you pull as you play, making the gameplay variations infinite and the exploration true. This means that Dragon Harvest auto generates maps and terrains forever. You can adventure for as long or as little as you like.

    Additionally, we’ve created a fast paced combat system,as well as an enchanting system, a smithing system, and a crafting system inside the game.

    This is Dragon Harvest. In Dragon Harvest, players craft their characters, assemble a team, and set out to bring peace to Karakkis. Carve out dungeon after dungeon. Battle ever increasingly difficult monsters. Master smithing, enchanting, fighting, and armor building. Adopt a pet companion. Become the most respected hero guild in the world, and slay the Deathwyrm, Silvgok. Have a DM to tell the story, but only if you want to. 

    We’ve created a game that casual gamers and hardcore fans can campaign together. It’s a game where couples and large parties can all play the heroes. It’s a game with infinite dungeons, cities, villages, and kingdoms, that only takes a few minutes to grasp the bones of.

    We present to you: Dragon Harvest.

    • Game Components

      64, Map tiles.

      10, Monster tiles.

      6, Event tiles.

      10, Artifact tiles.

      1, Monster slider.

      1, Dragon Harvest Compendium

      1 tile bag

      5 character tokens (meeples)

      1 D6 Die

      In total, 90 tiles | 1 Monster tile. | 1 Player Handbook | Bag | 5 Character Tokens | 1 D6 Die

    • 1- 5 Players

      Go alone or assemble a party, the choice is yours!

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