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It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday. It’s a day to have some fun, enjoy time with my wife, and reflect on how many years God has blessed me with... This post is in light of that. If you care to reflect on how kind God has been to me this last year, I encourage you to read on. Mind you, it will be impossible to touch on everything.

There are three things I want to reflect on in this post. I will work from the least to the greatest.

First, I have been blessed to Be put in a position where my wife can work on her art business full time. She is so talented and we have wanted this for her for so long. Even when we are in high school together, we knew this is what she wanted to do.

Her art is truly amazing. The best I’ve ever seen. I am so glad she is getting to focus on it. Feel free to check out her work here:

Second, God has been kind to give me my wife. She is always by my side. She loves me so well.

One of the best proverbs I’ve ever heard is this: “If you get close to someone, you will bump elbows. But if you lock arms together, you can pick each other up when you fall.” My wife is the example of this to me. She is ever there, and ever ready to pick me up when I fall. She does not love me because I am great (I know because most of the time, I’m not). She loves me because she has made up her mind too.

Third and greatest of all, I am greatful that God has me. I fail and fall short all of the time, without even meaning too. I am unworthy of standing before most people. Still, God loves me. Still, Christ bought me. I am absolutely not worth dying for, and yet Jesus died for me. I am unworthy of being kept around and yet my savior will not let me go. If I was found guilty of a crime, nobody would pay the bail (except of course, my wife, God bless her). But my God has paid for all of it. He has taken the cost of my wrongs for me.

I am undeserving of all these things, and yet, I have them. I am so grateful.

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