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A Dwarven Hymn

Writing Prompt: Create the anthem of the dwarves.

A Dwarven Hymn called “An Oath to My Own”

Little one,

Please hear this word to you,

From the mountains to the sea

From the water to the wild,

There is no place I will not go

To defend you, my child.

Though Vines and trees surround my path

Ore and jewels are at my back,

Though wolves and trolls attack my frame,

My little one’s will not lack

Fair Lady,

Please know my heart,

From the mountains to the wild

From the wild to the sea,

I will remember

The way you look at me.

The woman of my youth,

The maiden of my heart,

For you I stand,

And do my part.

Her eyes shine bright,

Her heart beats strong,

I will defend her,

All night long.


I will not forget you.

United we shall stand,

On snowy blindall’s peak,

And keep safe the family,

Of father Glinderseek

Our blood is one,

We cannot be broken,

At all, We are family,

The great one has spoken.

Our oaths are final,

And we pledge to be,

A connected mountain,

Of father Glinderseek

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