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November’s Publication Contest

Greetings Fellow adventurers!

We have exciting news. We are giving you a unique opportunity to have your writing published on the Adventurer’s Blog.


The theme for our November Publication contest is Autumn. You decide what to do with it.


To join the contest, the rules are simple.

Go to the comments section below this article. Leave a 30 word (or less) elevator pitch for the short story you would like to tell. Please avoid hot topic issues and keep it at a pg-13 rating or lower.

The comment which gets the most likes will have the opportunity to be published as a short story here on our website!

Comments that do not match the theme or go over the word count will not be counted in the running.

PLEASE NOTE: If you comment as a guest, we will not be able to reach out to you. If you would like to participate, simply make a login for our page. Its free and makes you an official member of our community! You’ll be able to join in contests like these, as well as get heads up on new short stories.


We will receive entries up until the 13th of November. After that, one winner will be chosen. The winner will

-Have access to the Anchored to The Word’s editorial team to help make their work as high quality as possible.

-A publication on our website.

-A shout out on our instagram.

May the contest treat you well!

Let’s get moving!

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A woman visits an encampment where she experienced the worst things imaginable. She reflects on the past, while also focusing on the present and future in the midst of autumn.

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