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Behold, the Huricand

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Behold, the Huricand

Writing Prompt: Write a poem about a magical animal.

Alone in the wood,

Walked Keatoph the brave,

Up to the mouth of a cave,

With a long, tall hood.

He went in to its cavern,

maintaining no animosity,

But searching for his enemy,

Grifkar, the worm.

The moss on the ceiling glowed blue.

The floor of the cave beamed back,

Disappearing, deep into the mountain crack,

A mystery revealed to few.

Not enemies this cave did share,

And instead a sight so grand.

Behold, the legendary Huricand,

Seen by travellers fare.

Its fur was black and shined.

Its eyes were lightning green.

Its frame was strong and lean.

Its head was antler lined.

Its paws were wet with due.

Its stance was strong and sure.

It gave a gentle pur.

A legend reserved for few.

Keatoph hugged this beast,

A gift from God

A gentle nod,

A sign that he was loved.

He thought to take it with him,

But then remembered his horse,

The way it had implemented force,

To tear him limb from limb.

He knew nothing of the enchantment,

Which had fallen on its head,

Making it want Keatoph dead,

And causing the warrior torment.

Read chapter one here.

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