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The Necromancer of Asgafal

The Necromancer of Asgafal

Writing prompt: write a coupled rhyme about a villain.

The Necromancer of Asgafal,

Was said to stand over 7 feet tall,

Till he crawled on the floor,

And crept through your door.

Then it would be his boast,

To make you his undead host,

And live among the graves,

And sulk inside of caves.

He once was a person like you and me,

A slave in fact, who sought to be free,

So he killed his friends,

And made their ends,

His new start.

Did he ever have a heart?

The Necromancer of Asgafal,

Is content to make the whole world fall.

Are you standing in his way?

Who will triumph on that day?

Beware of the sorceress of the undead,

It will not work for you to cut off his head.

Read chapter one here.

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